Engaging stakeholders in CSR activities

Using innovative solutions to engage different groups: employees, consumers, volunteers, in implementing corporate social responsibility.

This solution allows the involvement of various stakeholders - employees, consumers, partners, volunteers - in corporate social responsibility activities. Crowdsourcing plays a significant role in raising awareness and increasing involvement in CSR. The essence of CSR activities is to reach stakeholders and provide them with support in the areas that are important to them. In this sense, crowdsourcing is a tool to effectively reach stakeholders, gather their opinions and ideas, and involve them in final implementation. It allows community inclusion in deciding what kind of projects will be implemented and what institutions and beneficiaries will benefit from them. CSR projects carried out in this manner are extremely effective, because the authors and contributors of the ideas are also brand ambassadors. This opens up scope for further effective PR activities. We build specialized communities that share their knowledge, ideas, experiences, and historical testimonies.

Key benefits:

  • gather ideas and engage various stakeholders
  • build communities genuinely engaged in the project
  • support promotional activities