Photographic portrait of Anne Sawyer
I’m passionate about preparing young and underserved people for entry or re-entry into employment. This includes providing them and impact organizations critical sustainability training.

Anne Sawyer

EY Global Corporate Responsibility, Environmental Sustainability and Next-Generation Leader

Mother. Wife. Education devotee and sustainability advocate. Gardener. Crossfit enthusiast.

Anne leads the EY Ripples program’s global focus on Accelerating Environmental Sustainability (AES) and Supporting the Next-Generation workforce (SNG). AES centers on creating collaborative opportunities for EY people, clients and communities to drive the adoption of new behaviors, technologies and business models that protect and regenerate the environment. SNG supports young and underserved people to develop the mindsets and skills they’ll need to find and sustain meaningful work.

Her lifelong commitment to improving education began in the central office of the largest school district in the US where she was the Chief of Staff at the Office of Accountability. Her goal was to give principals, teachers and parents the tools necessary to track academic progress and bring more transparency.

Anne has worked in education across the private sector, local government and non-profit sector.

Anne also holds a BA from Trinity College, CT and an MA from Columbia University’s Teachers College.

How Anne is building a better working world

“In my career and personal life, I have seen significant disparities in young people and underserved groups’ readiness for the working world. I’m thrilled to be focusing my career on these audiences – to become better prepared to succeed in this transformative age. As a College Map Mentor, I go into a local Boston high school to support the students' journey to university.”

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