Cybersecurity Transformation

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The Cybersecurity Transformation solution helps you gain insight into your organization’s cybersecurity maturity and cyber risk to the enterprise. It takes a cross-functional view of the organization’s security capabilities and helps you design, deliver and maintain cybersecurity programs.


Your business challenge

Cybersecurity incidents are on the rise, many a direct result of organizations’ failure to embed security by design. While investments in technology are challenging your ability to ensure resilience to future disruptions, you must still play catch up while tackling the risks and vulnerabilities introduced by the last transformation efforts potentially spurred by the pandemic.

Is your security program:

  • Building trust in new technologies across the organization with early, secure and responsible adoption?
  • Providing a clear picture of current cyber risk posture and capabilities?
  • Complying with regulatory requirements sustainably?
  • Evolving with new cyber threats and digital business strategies?
  • Improving incident response efficiency, effectiveness, and timeliness?

Solution benefits

Organizations that enable trust in systems and data can take informed risks, adapt to disruptive change and embrace transformation and innovation with confidence and scale. The Cybersecurity Transformation solution can help you:

  • Quantify risks and massively simplify the controls environment while establishing cybersecurity's value as a digital transformation enabler
  • Implement fit-for-purpose governance while focusing on board and C-suite management
  • Build trusted relationships with all functions in the organization

Solution features and functionality

The Cybersecurity Transformation solution helps your organization improve cyber risk posture, apply a cyber risk lens to business strategy, balance compliance obligations with business growth and meet large-scale disruptions with better preparation and recovery. It helps simplify cybersecurity by integrating it into business operations and complementing existing strategies, initiatives and processes through:

  • Program assessment: Help organizations determine if their cyber program is positioned to secure their current as well as longer-term business interests amidst an evolving threat and regulatory landscape.
  • Strategy and roadmap: Plan, build and optimize key cyber strategies and initiatives. Transform them into a manageable, timebound roadmap to accomplish milestones in agile sprints.
  • Compliance management and risk quantification: Help meet regulatory requirements and sustain compliance with a well-designed and executed cyber function and effective risk management and quantification.
  • Program enablement: Integrate cybersecurity into business and IT processes leveraging digital identity, application, hybrid infrastructure capabilities, and build and enable a risk-aware culture with education across levels of the organization and processes.
  • Resilient business data and operations: Prepare and recover from large-scale disruptions with proactive business impact analysis, critical data mapping, business continuity management and user awareness.

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The power of EY people, technology and innovation can turn your transformation ambitions into reality. Putting humans at the center, deploying technology at speed and innovating at scale form the core of value creation of our Transformation Realized™ approach.

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