Photographic portrait of Eric Buchen
In a world where everything is changing, the biggest risk is standing still.

Eric Buchen

EY Global Long-term value Go-to-Market Lead

Helping clients navigate the shift from shareholder to stakeholder value and moving from ambition to action. Global citizen. Music enthusiast. Committed to family and community.

Eric is a Principal in EY and leads the Global market activities around long-term value. He is responsible for the ecosystem of service lines across the globe, industry sectors and collaborations to help companies best respond to the shift from shareholder to stakeholder value, and help maximize the potential to build trust, access capital, attract top talent and increase customer loyalty.

Eric has gained extensive international experience living and working abroad between 2007 and 2017 with EY before relocating back to Dallas where he currently resides. He has invested significant time in the market with clients and account teams in more than 30 countries around the world including extended time in Japan, China, Turkey, the Middle East, Germany.

How Eric is building a better working world

”I am inspired by the clients and EY teams I work with around the world. It becomes clear that as work and life are more intertwined, purpose and fulfillment matter even more. To succeed in today’s transformative age, we need a shift to a more inclusive form of capitalism, based on multi-stakeholder outcomes, a broader view of value and a longer-term perspective.”