Photographic portrait of Juliette Meunier
As the workforce continues to evolve, wellness is a top priority for employers. Employees are counting on employers to provide robust financial wellbeing benefits to bridge the financial literacy gap.

Juliette Meunier

EY US Employee Personal Finance Leader

Passionate about wellness in the workplace and empowering employees to make informed financial decisions throughout their working lives. Proud mother. Avid reader. Fitness lover. Wine enthusiast.

Areas of focus Tax planning Workforce

Juliette’s role is to lead the practice supporting employers with financial wellbeing in the strategic development of financial education and counseling programs. She also works with companies going through significant changes – including support through a customized call center employee response system to answer questions about M&A, systems/ERP implementations, reorganizations, layoffs, company relocations, changes in benefit programs, business travelers, equity events, etc.

With 30 years of consulting, HR/benefits and tax experience, Juliette has helped companies solve their most complex people-related organizational, financial, compliance and behavioral challenges. She has worked with many companies over the years in reimagining their rewards and benefits. She has also helped align companies’ total rewards with the future of work, including digital influences and automation, global considerations, and multi-generational considerations. Juliette has held several senior roles and is known for being a continuous learner and a strategic thinker with diverse perspectives.

How Juliette is building a better working world

“As the workforce landscape continues to transform, prioritizing employee satisfaction and wellbeing is an essential component to recruiting, nurturing and retaining talent. A personalized financial wellness service that helps employees gain clarity about their finances, maximize their benefits and make informed decisions can build a better working world and change lives.”

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