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Our Transaction Forensics team assists organizations and legal counsel in identifying and mitigating financial, operational and reputational risks inherent to mergers and acquisition transactions. 

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The journey to M&A success has peaks and valleys. Understanding the terrain, preparing for the unexpected and mitigating risks along the way are critical efforts to a successful transaction.


Our professionals possess deep experience in anti-corruption due diligence, both pre- and post-close, as well as related investigations and compliance matters. In addition, they are proficient in conducting in-depth risk analyses of fraud, bribery and corruption, money laundering, restrictions on trade and export, related-party transactions, and conflicts of interest. We have global capabilities and resources to address potential issues in transactions across all geographies and industries.

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  • Pre-acquisition services

    Before closing any deal, both parties need to analyze a range of risks to minimize potential loss of deal value. These risks may include fraud, bribery, corruption, restrictions on trade and export, other conflicts of interest, third-party integrity, reputation, and regulatory investigations. We help organizations mitigate these risks during drafting and before signing to help protect and deliver transaction value.

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  • Post-acquisition services

    Uncertainties related to valuations, working capital adjustments and earn-outs, along with increased investments in emerging markets, expose transacting parties to significant risks even after the deal is completed. We help organizations mitigate and resolve post-closing disputes and ease the purchase integration process by conducting appropriate risk mitigation exercises.

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EY Transaction Forensics

Manage integrity risks and enhance capital delivery.

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