Tax policy and controversy

Companies need a line of sight into tax policy developments and potential for future conflicts, as well as a centralized global strategy.

Tax policy and tax enforcement are constantly evolving. Economic and political pressures often lead to changes in tax policy and tax administration that impact markets, businesses and customers. Tax has become increasingly interconnected and tax changes in one jurisdiction can now trigger changes across the globe.

Countries are working together on the development and adoption of new policies for the taxation of cross-border businesses. Governments are collecting and sharing more taxpayer information. The result is that tax controversy is evolving from two-sided disputes in specific countries into a multidimensional, multi-country dynamic.

Companies must act so that their people, policies and systems are keeping pace. They need to understand tax policy trends and anticipate the direction of future developments to be able to integrate these considerations into tax and business planning.

EY Global Tax policy and controversy teams can help you navigate this interconnected environment. We provide an “over the horizon” view of future tax policy developments and support engagement with tax policymakers around the world. Should disagreements arise, we provide an essential bridge between the tax authorities and the company and support implementation of a globally integrated approach to tax controversy management.

Here, you’ll find information to help you reduce risk, enhance decision making and promote cost efficiencies.

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