Photographic portrait of Nikola Ribar
If one wants to swim across a lake, one needs to be ready to get wet.

Nikola Ribar

CESA, Assurance, Partner

Digital Assurance Transformation and Innovation Leader in Serbia. Auditor. Trusted advisor. Passionate speaker and discussion lover. Red Star supporter and father of 2.

Nikola is Partner in Assurance department mainly focused on providing audit services in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He joined EY in 2009. During his career Nikola successfully served clients in banking and financial services sector, including insurance, as well as in various other industry sectors such as retail & wholesale, telecommunications, energy and automotive, real estate, and other.

Nikola is experienced in providing advisory services, manly related to cost accounting, process improvement and in application of IFRS as well as in providing advices related to application of impairment of financial assets and hedging under IAS 39 and IFRS 9.

He is passionate about everything digital. As a Digital Assurance Innovation Leader and Analytics Implementation Leader he is responsible for bringing and implementing innovations in three countries – Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Nikola graduated from Faculty of Economics, University in Belgrade in 2009.
He is member of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Chamber of Certified Auditors of Serbia and Institute of Certified Accountants of Montenegro.

How Nikola is building a better working world

"As client facing person I try to listen and understand. It is not most important what I think but what bothers others. As auditor I keep my word and have clear focus on ethics and integrity. I believe toughest challenges come from unresolved but important matters."

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