How understanding ancestral intelligence can help accelerate your mission

3 minute read 30 Aug 2023
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3 minute read 30 Aug 2023
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EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ 2023 speaker, Marques Anderson discusses how leaders can fuse ancestral and modern-day knowledge to build a legacy of meaning.

In brief
  • What type of ancestor do you want to be?
  • As we craft our entrepreneurial visions, as we push our language out into the world, we are creating individual realities for ourselves and for others. 
  • With every technological gain, what do we want to preserve? What do we want to replace?

In June 2023, the world’s leading entrepreneurs gathered in Monaco for EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™, the ultimate global competition for entrepreneurs. Thought leaders from EY Tech University and the EY Luminary Network led interactive “Future of” sessions to discuss critical business challenges and today’s hot-button issues that will greatly impact our collective future.

Marques Anderson, Cyborg Anthropologist, spoke on the Future of Meaning and how the combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual and mixed realities, and synthetic data is opening our eyes to new pathways to fulfill our purpose. Below are key takeaways from Marques’ session.

1. What is possible at the intersection of meaning and technology?

“As we are creating technology, technology is also creating us,” says Marques. “It is influencing the way that we communicate with one another, the way we visualize the world and the way we anticipate what’s coming next.”

2. How do entrepreneurs influence meaning in a society?

“To understand the concept of ancestral intelligence, we have to familiarize ourselves with vision, language, reality and meaning.” Watch Marques lead entrepreneurs to discover the power of ancestral wisdom to propel their legacy.

3. How can CEOs gain an edge in defining their purpose?

“As you create new pathways for the future through your ventures as an entrepreneur, I recommend you follow a framework, EDGE: Education, Devotion, Guidance and Emergence.” Hear Marques break down the EDGE system to guide leaders in finding meaning in their businesses and lives. 

4. How does ancestral wisdom guide our search for a meaningful future?

Join the workshop as Marques asks entrepreneurs and business leaders to reflect on the following prompts: 

  • An ancestor is someone who …
  • The legacy I seek to have as an ancestor is …
  • What is the important change I need to make to become the type of ancestor I want to be for my business as well as my family?
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Indigenous wisdom and modern technology can help accelerate your vision and purpose in society.

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By EY Global

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