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Featured How can slowing climate change accelerate your financial performance? 2 Nov 2022
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    Transformation realized

    How transformations with humans at the center can double your success

    EY teams and the University of Oxford explore the emotional cost of failed transformations and what it takes to get them right.

    24 Jun 2022 Errol Gardner

    Financial Services

    How can sustainable finance transform 2050 pledges into real-world impact?

    Financial institutions (FIs) need a framework that allows them to anticipate seismic economic transformation and adapt their strategy accordingly.

    28 Oct 2022 Tom Groom

    Digital and innovation in Government

    How can government workers and technology align to serve future citizens?

    Putting humans at the center of workforce transformation efforts will help governments deliver the benefits of digitalization.

    11 Oct 2022 Arnauld Bertrand

    Wealth and asset management

    Can resilience shape a shifting landscape?

    Investors remain interested in alternative funds, and managers focus on traditional strengths while responding to market opportunities.

    15 Nov 2022 Natalie Deak Jaros


    How consumer companies can help deliver a sustainable future

    As sustainability expectations increase, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide clear targets but progress is far from straightforward. Learn more.

    20 Oct 2022 Kristina Rogers

    How the rise of PayTech is reshaping the payments landscape

    PayTechs’ relentless disruption means that only banks and payment service providers that offer “value beyond payments” can compete.

    21 Oct 2022 Alla Gancz

    How emerging technologies can usher in the dawn of pervasive intelligence

    “Pervasive intelligence” will emerge through a massively distributed digital connectivity and cloud fabric, transforming our economy.

    27 Oct 2022 Fuad Siddiqui


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