Are you prepared for Workplaces of the Future?

Organizations all over the world are transitioning back and forth between remote working to hybrid working. The transition demands new technology, effective office space and more collaboration.

The future of work is here

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Bricks, Bytes and Behaviours

To create sustainable workplaces of the future, organizations should work across functional areas such as real estate, human resources (HR) and information technology (IT). We call it Bricks, Bytes and Behaviours.

  • Bricks refer to the physical workplace, often the office

    What happens when your workforce want more flexibility on where to work, and when to work? What measures should be part of your analysis before deciding your future workplace? A workplace that provides flexibility for when and where to work, and in the same time empower collaboration, innovation and effective problem-solving, do not come automatically.

    In EY, it is important to ensure that every employee in our business has access to a network of spaces that supports different activities performed during a workday. The main purpose of the future EY offices is to meet, collaborate and build strong teams and not just to work. We hope to redefine what office spaces mean with the help of this pillar. Therefore we, utilize more flexible office space as part of our plan. This means creating a network of spaces that supports all the different activities that employees perform during a workday.

    Not only is this a more sustainable approach, but also in line with what our people prefer. We provide support for our people to set up their home offices since we know that it is part of the network of spaces. This network of spaces will increasingly facilitate connection and collaboration and be a great experience.

    Let’s talk about what is the best solution for your workplace!

    Contact Jessica Schmidt, Nordic Bricks Lead

  • Bytes refer to the digital workplace

    The technology that enables hybrid work.

    How can technology enable your workplace to offer the flexibility employees want? What kind of technology is needed to help leaders prioritize where and when to spend the working hours? How do your employees know when to be at the office to meet the team?

    In EY, Bytes consists of both individual technology for all our people, along with technology in the offices supporting modern work. Automated tools and cutting-edge technology form a part of this pillar and support our people regardless of where they choose to work.

    Let’s talk about the best solution for your workplace!

    Contact Zakaria Rahmani, Nordic Bytes Lead

  • Behaviors refer to the culture

    How to build a purpose-driven culture and in the same time offer flexibility to your employees? How to lead when some employees works from home, and some at the office?

    When employees work in an organization based on trust, encouraging collaboration, innovation, transparency and self-leadership, employee will flourish. Behavior focuses on new ways of working. In EY, this pillar supports and encourages our people to perform at their best and support our sense of belonging.

    Let’s talk about the best solution for your workplace!

    Contact Mareike Bönninger, Nordic Behaviors Lead

The EY Hybrid Model

Sustainable workplaces of the future are based on research, trust in people and respect for individual needs, preferences and life situations. We know that one size does not fit all.

The EY Hybrid Model gives our people the flexibility to collaborate with clients and colleagues whenever and wherever. With technology that enables hybrid collaboration and a strong culture that inspires innovation, everything is possible.

Read more about The EY Hybrid Model here

The future of work is here

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