A photographic portrait of Anders Lindberg
It is time for organizations to ensure that climate change goals are backed by relevant initiatives and actions. And leadership teams should monitor and support progress toward sustainability goals.

Anders Lindberg

Director, Technology Consulting, Ernst & Young AB

Passionate about supporting clients in data-driven development and execution of climate change strategies using digital technologies.

Anders is a technology consultant within Ernst & Young AB. He focuses on IT and digital strategies, operating models (agile, traditional and hybrid), the chief information officer climate agenda, and advising chief information officers of leading companies in the Nordics.

A seasoned professional, Anders brings in a broad set of experiences ranging from business, digital and IT strategy development to transformation and agile digital product development. He supports global clients in the development of digital products that support sustainability strategy execution and goal achievement. 

Since 2004, he has worked in the consulting industry for both global and Swedish consultancies.

Anders holds an MSc in Business Administration from Lund University and ESCP in Paris.

How Anders is building a better working world

Anders contributes to building a better working world by supporting clients in developing concepts and digital products that support organizations to take action on climate change goals.

He develops point of views and service offerings that support clients approaching the climate change topic from a digital perspective, and helps them achieve their sustainability ambitions.

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