Andreas Bliersbach
When the decarbonizing world stops running on hydrocarbons, will you run with hydrogen or stand still?

Andreas Bliersbach

EY Hydrogen and Energy Storage Lead Nordics, Business Development, EY Sweden

Excited about helping companies re-imagine their role in the energy space. Hydrogen nerd, passionate about solving big problems with the right tools. Husband and father of two.

Andreas has more than a decade of diverse, international experience centered on hydrogen, batteries, decarbonization, energy technology and the future energy landscape.

Andreas leads the topics of Hydrogen and Energy Storage on a Nordic level and is part of EY’s global network of subject matter experts. He is central in developing services around his core topics, supports engagement teams globally, drives client discussions and engagements and continuously contributes to market analysis, strategy and business development.

Before joining EY Andreas worked in research facilities in Germany, Sweden and Switzerland where he worked on hydrogen, energy storage systems, Li-Ion batteries and catalysis.

Andreas holds a PhD of the natural sciences from the University of Zurich (CH), a M. Sc. in Materials Science from Uppsala University (SE) and a Dipl.-Phys. in Physics from the University of Bonn (D).

How Andreas is building a better working world

How we convert, consume and handle energy has a dramatic and direct impact on global climate, equality and welfare. I believe that hydrogen, energy storage and a smarter, more efficient energy management are the solution to the defining issues of our time. I strive to build a better working world by enabling our clients to transform, take responsibility, innovate and reimagine their role around energy. Doing so will not only create a more sustainable future for our clients, but also for society as a whole.

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