Mathew Nelson
Can innovation make the planet resource-rich instead of resource-scarce?

Mathew Nelson

EY Oceania Chief Sustainability Officer

Leading a purpose-driven team that shares a common passion for creating positive impact. Workplace diversity and equality advocate. Engineer. Father of two boys. Australian Football League fan.

Mathew is the EY Oceania's Chief Sustainability Officer and a Partner in the Climate Change and Sustainability Services team. He has over 20 years’ experience in providing advisory and assurance services related to ESG and climate change.  His experience spans across both the private and public sector and includes sustainability and climate change strategy and governance, climate risk modelling and stress testing, sustainable supply chain and human rights, and non-financial reporting.  Mat also has significant experience in the area of environment, health and safety.

Prior to joining EY, Mat worked in the petrochemical industry as an operations engineer as well as a human resources analyst in the Financial Services sector.

Mat is the chair of the Australian chapter of the Earthwatch Institute, and a member of the TCFD. He holds a master’s degree in Environment and a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the University of Melbourne.

How Mathew is building a better working world

“Our teams are helping build a better working world by helping businesses respond to societal, environmental and economic challenges resulting from shifting market demands and the changing economic and regulatory environment. We help our clients build long-term value by managing risk and opportunity and measuring, communicating and assuring nonfinancial performance.” 

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