Photographic portrait of Utku Meshur
There is a transformational shift in the insurance industry and our vision today will shape our future resilience and flexibility, and those open-minded firms will benefit as a result.

Utku Meshur

EY Turkey Actuarial and Insurance Leader

Passionate about helping clients on their IFRS 17 transformation journeys. Enjoys music, yoga and tai chi.

Utku leads the Actuarial and Insurance teams. He is an actuarial and risk management professional who helps clients on their IFRS 17 transformation journeys.

Utku has both commercial and technical experience. He recently developed the Reporting and Calculation Platform with EY Technology, which helps clients with IFRS 17.

Prior to joining EY, Utku worked at leading insurance firms. He also holds a BSc in Business Administration and MSc in Financial Engineering from Bosphorus University.

How Utku is building a better working world

Utku helps EY clients maintain transparent and reliable financial statements that enable greater confidence among investors and shareholders.

He also helps firms with risk management and actuarial practices, so they’re resilient against any event.

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