Private equity strategy consulting

EY-Parthenon private equity strategy consulting teams help clients to create and implement strategies which put their financial resources to work to generate returns. Supporting before, during and after investment, EY-Parthenon brings value through a range of Strategy and Transaction services, and through collaboration with teams across the EY organization. 

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Global Private Equity B2B Pricing Study

Read the 2023 EY-Parthenon Global B2B Pricing Study highlighting the role of pricing capabilities in maximizing value.

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What EY-Parthenon private equity strategy consulting teams can do for you

At a time when private equity firms hold substantial dry powder, but face a fast-changing and challenging business environment, the EY-Parthenon private equity strategy consulting team can help by revealing opportunities and identifying risks.

Our support starts at the investment lifecycle stage, when private equity managers are seeking to answer strategic questions. The EY-Parthenon private equity strategy consulting team provides insights needed for clients to decide where to invest capital by sector and company type.

After a target is selected, questions like: “how should a firm originate deals, create new deals, and be sure that it’s the right deal?” often surface. EY-Parthenon private equity strategy consulting teams can help further, advising clients as they search to optimize deals in the holding period.

Once a firm has acquired a target, EY-Parthenon teams help enable sustainable value creation by providing technical capabilities across:

  • Finance: digital finance, value and performance management, designing and helping deliver new back office operating models
  • Customer and growth: sales, commercial and pricing; brand and marketing; innovation and digital growth
  • Technology: data and insights, cloud and legacy, and cybersecurity and data privacy
  • Supply chain and operations: help managing supply chain disruption, mitigating inflation and optimizing cash, and being fit for the future
  • Organization and people: building effective management teams at pace, transforming and rationalizing HR, and designing and helping deliver new operating models
  • Carve-outs: preparing divestment for sale, diligence of divestments, and implementation

When clients need help with exit readiness, the EY-Parthenon private equity strategy consulting teams offer sell-side support, preparing a company for sale by helping to optimize the divestment perimeter and carve out financials to help maximize value, presenting an appropriate separation blueprint, and reducing execution risk by making the business separable.

EY-Parthenon private equity strategy consulting teams offer a wide range of diligence services, including commercial diligence, software diligence, and other types of diligence in finance, tax, cyber, HR and Environment, Social and Governance (ESG).

Leveraging the EY global organization, we can help create even more value for clients through collaborations with our network of teams:

  • PE digital strategy solutions

    Activating digital transformation is a core component of value creation. We help private equity clients articulate and implement a digital vision that reflects their unique need — helping to address an array of digital challenges at the firm, fund and portfolio levels. Our private equity digital strategy priority offerings help enable portfolio companies to assess their digital maturity, drive digital growth and enhance operations through digital risk management, process efficiencies, connectivity and cost removal.

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  • Sustainability and ESG strategy services

    From ESG diligence to ESG strategy, EY-Parthenon can assess ESG footprints, and identify risks and opportunities.

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Set against an increasingly complex and competitive landscape, addressing all the questions that arise can be daunting. EY-Parthenon private equity strategy consulting teams are ready to help you find the answers. 

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EY-Parthenon private equity strategy consulting teams can help maximize value throughout the investment lifecycle.