En person i kostym bygger med byggklossar i trå

How an ecosystem strategy can help shift cost centres to revenue centres

In this webcast, we will explore how organizations are leveraging ecosystem strategies to innovate with limited capital, and achieving incremental revenue growth

Ecosystems are a group of organizations who collaborate to create and share in the collective value created for a common set of customers. 

Consumer products businesses with high-performing ecosystems have achieved 14% incremental revenue growth and 11% cost reduction, according to the EY Ecosystem Study. 

In this webcast, we will explore how these businesses have achieved such results in the current economic climate and how those learnings can help to answer the four key questions that organizations should consider to maximize long-term ecosystem success:

  • What role should we play in the ecosystem?
  • How should the ecosystem be governed?
  • How can the ecosystem be monetized?
  • How can we ensure the sustainable growth of the ecosystem?


  • Nick Feingold 
    Partner, Strategy & Transactions, EY-Parthenon
  • Karen Crum 
    EMEIA Brand Strategy Leader, Partner, Strategy & Transactions, EY-Parthenon



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