A woman grocery shopping

How will today's consumers navigate the future?

Join us for a breakfast webinar where we delve into the forefront of consumer trends impacting the consumer goods and retail sector. 

Our discussions will revolve around three key topics:

  • Navigating geopolitical and economic uncertainty: Explore consumer responses in the face of global uncertainties, shedding light on their evolving preferences and behaviors.
  • Adaption to climate change: Uncover consumer sentiments on climate change and explore strategies to both cope with and minimize its impact on your business.
  • Rapid technological change: Gain insights into consumers adoption of technological advancements, the risks associated to it and ultimately learn how you can stay ahead in this dynamic landscape.


  • Sabrina Hassanin,
    Assistant Director, Knowledge, EY
  • Dag Flatebø 
    Partner, Business Consulting, EY Nordics



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