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How can companies achieve the Great Supply Chain Reset?

Join our webcast on how top companies 'reset' and transform their supply chains using the 5 Great Supply Chain Reset pillars.

Topics discussed include:
  • How disruption, inflation and increased regulations are driving the need to transform supply chains
  • An overview and explanation of the five key pillars that structure the great supply chain reset -
  1. Rationalized portfolio
  2. Resilient, circular operating models
  3. Real world case examples from each of the Great SC Reset pilllars
  4. Automation and digital supply chain solutions
  5. Collaborative relationships with suppliers
  • Use cases from each pillar of projects that propel a supply chain re-set
  •  Identifying where to start with the journey of a great supply chain re-set


Matthew Burton
EY EMEIA Consulting Center Partner and Digital Operations Leader


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