Sharon Sutherland
One of the board’s key roles is to ensure the health and prosperity of an organization while delivering value back to shareholders. It means delivering long-term value.

Sharon Sutherland

EY Global Center for Board Matters Leader and Asia-Pacific Networks Leader

Global mindset. Power through diversity. Art lover. Intellectually curious. Traveler. Legacy matters. Passionate about learning initiatives.

With professional experience across the world, Sharon is the EY Global Center for Board Matters Leader based in Hong Kong.

Equipped with a global mindset, she enables board directors to navigate their increasingly complex roles in this transformative age by challenging them to ask the right questions.

Since joining EY in 2000, she has held a number of strategic roles in numerous global markets; including most recently in New York where she played a critical role in executing the strategic vision for EY Global Markets as the EY Global Markets Strategy and Operations Leader.

Prior to that she was based in Hong Kong, where she was part of the EY Asia-Pacific Government & Public Sector leadership team; and in parallel served as the point of coordination for the APAC Independent Development Partner network in particular Asian Development Bank.

Sharon earned a BA (Hons) in Business Studies from Edinburgh Napier University and a postgraduate diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

How Sharon is building a better working world

“With social contracts in turmoil and trust at an all-time low, the concept of legacy and leaving a positive impact for the next generation is more relevant than ever. Organizations are swiftly transitioning from focusing primarily on the needs of shareholders, to a stakeholder-centric view. At EY and the Global Center for Board Matters we encourage board directors to think holistically about the critical role they play in challenging traditional views, embracing new ideas and driving value for the long term of the organizations they serve and ultimately, the organization’s stakeholders and broader society.”

“Make your work to be in keeping with your purpose.” – Leonardo Di Vinci

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