Photographic Portrait of Yew Kiang Chan
High-quality audits not only enhance stakeholders’ trust in the business, but also play a key role in sustainable growth and regulatory compliance.

Yew Kiang Chan

Technology, Media & Entertainment, and Telecommunications Assurance Leader and Partner, Ernst & Young LLP

Assurance services professional passionate about helping technology companies to accelerate growth. Experienced in helping companies with debt and securities issuance.

Yew Kiang provides assurance services to businesses in the technology, media and entertainment, telecommunications, resources and transportation sectors, including multinationals, listed companies and fast-growing technology companies. He works closely with private equity investors, venture capitalists and business incubators with operations across many locations and investments in start-ups.

He is experienced in auditing subsidiaries of US-listed companies and foreign private issuers and assists businesses in cross-border capital market transactions from Malaysia, Thailand, China Mainland, Israel, Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines. He has also helped many companies to tap into capital markets through debt and securities issuance in Singapore, Hong Kong and the US.

Yew Kiang is a member of the Corporate Finance Committee of the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants, an associate member of the Singapore Institute of Directors and a Finance Committee member of the Institution of Engineers, Singapore.

Yew Kiang holds a Bachelor of Accountancy from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

How Yew Kiang is building a better working world

“Stakeholders rely on high-quality audits of a company’s financial information to make important investment and business decisions.

Through audits, I help businesses to better understand and improve their internal controls as well as meet their statutory obligations. By providing high-quality audits supported by professional skepticism and objectivity, I also help them to create long-term value and enhance stakeholders’ trust in the business and capital markets.”

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