Aparna Sankaran
“We are living in the Transformative Age and we can expect a fundamental shift in everything we know – not only in the speed at which all these changes are taking place, but also in our increasing reliance on community.”

Aparna Sankaran

EY Global Media Relations and Social Media Assistant Director – Energy and Private Equity

Media Relations & Social Media manager. Focus on healthy eating and keenly interested in sustainable living.

Aparna oversees global media relations and social media for the EY Private Equity and Energy practices, including Power & Utilities, Oil & Gas and Mining & Metals.

She is experienced in brand building, communications and PR at the local, regional and global levels. She is particularly focused on the rapidly evolving media and communications landscape to enhance executive brand value.

Previously Aparna supported global media relations and social media for the EY Global Advisory service line, and focused on cybersecurity, Internet of Things, blockchain, intelligent automation, artificial intelligence and risk.

She holds a Masters degree in Media Communications from EFL University, India.

How Aparna is building a better working world

As a mother to a young child, Aparna supports new working mothers in her local community on balancing work and personal life.

“For me it’s about helping other working women. If I can help even one person make a difference to their life then that means a lot to me.”

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