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Complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity will be the skills most in demand in 2030. But to adapt to the emerging new work environment, people also need vastly upgraded digital, technical, management and cultural capabilities.

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Learning and development (L&D)

Continuing globalization, huge demographic changes, advances in technology and new regulations are all shaping the future of work.

To gain and maintain competitive advantage, organizations need to be agile and adaptable. They must proactively address disruption. And they need to consider their workforce as part of an integrated business strategy in order to keep it engaged and future-ready.

We have developed a tailored framework for evaluating, identifying and rectifying the root causes of inadequate learning. Combined with our mature understanding of existing L&D approaches and their shortcomings, we can use this to help your business develop a cohesive learning and development strategy that works for your workforce.

And, with a network of over 500 learning professionals in more than 130 countries, we are able to offer a broad range of services to support all levels of your organization — including leadership definition and development programs and a variety of assessments and coaching sessions.

Organizational learning and knowledge management development

To make the most of their knowledge assets, organizations need to focus both on developing their underpinning knowledge management infrastructure (systems, policies and processes) and on promoting a culture that encourages the effective creation, refinement, sharing and storage of knowledge.

EY offers a conscious knowledge management strategy for getting the right knowledge to the right people at the right time. It helps people make better use of internal information to improve business performance. 

Aligned to your company’s specific strategy, standards and policies, our approach can help maximize your employees’ organizational learning skills.

We can help you to create a bank of information and to develop knowledge management systems that promote the seamless transfer of knowledge. And, drawing on our experience delivering cultural change improvement initiatives, we can help your business generate a customer-centric taxonomy and knowledge search, supported by a broad and consistent approach to knowledge sharing.

EY Skills Foundry™: workforce upskilling and reskilling platform

EY Skills Foundry is an upskilling and reskilling platform that builds the workforce of tomorrow, today.

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