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Think big, start small, scale fast

You can maintain the level of agility and adaptability required to monitor, mitigate risk and respond as your business grows or the regulatory landscape changes.

Value-based insights

Your legal and compliance program will be future-ready with intelligent automation to focus on high-value outcomes, instead of general administration.

One platform, trusted view

Your data, tools and processes are dynamically integrated, transformed and orchestrated into a single platform to have oversight across your enterprise.

Versatile apps and workspaces

Use ready-made apps, or have EY tailor an app or workspace to the unique needs of your organization. Apps are designed to keep you and your team focused on what you need to do, and make it easy to get it done.

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  • Functionality of our apps

    • Data management: By blending data from multiple sources, EY Virtual integrates your raw structured and unstructured data in real-time and transforms it. 
    • Workflow and questionnaires: Supporting your teams through guided workflows, EY Virtual gives you a structured process for managing risk assessment cases.
    • Dashboards and reports: Leveraging dynamic reports and dashboards, EY Virtual gives you tailored and data-driven analytics for informed decision making. 
    • Workspaces: Combining components from our apps, Microsoft Azure, and third party apps, EY Virtual enables ad-hoc analysis within an on-demand, collaborative analytical environment.
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Be future-ready with intelligent automation

Our approach to machine learning and AI is more than just an algorithm. It is driven by deep domain knowledge in the legal and compliance field.

  • Value-based insights

    • Automation: Bots automate routine task adhering to rules based on regulatory expectations and business risk priorities. Bots include data collection/ingestion and risk triage.
    • Machine learning: AI continuously refines models leveraging knowledge gained from investigations and feedback from human review.
    • Natural language processing: This mines unstructured text-based documents, extracts the key information and converts it into structured information.
    • Reusable models: These models leverage common, reusable data modelling that is built using EY domain knowledge.

Additional EY Virtual capabilities

  • Integrate with your existing Microsoft environment to unlock the full potential of virtual team collaboration
  • Collaborate in a hybrid work environment with access from any device and integrated messaging functionality within the apps
  • Manage governance structures by seamlessly giving, limiting or removing access permissions to users with role based management
  • Find documented proof of work with a customized audit trail
  • Centralize document saving with the ability to attach document of various file types
  • Remove language barriers with EY Virtual internationalization capabilities for your global team
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Alliance-powered platform

Built on Azure
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Through our Alliance and Ecosystem Relationships, EY provides a dynamic perspective that recognizes where you are on your journey and helps you go beyond your current capabilities.

The EY and Microsoft Alliance generates long-term value for our clients by unlocking the power of data and combining business ingenuity, industry expertise and intelligent technology. EY Virtual is a transformative cloud solution that incorporates compliance and legal intelligence with the leading-class technology capabilities of Microsoft. 

Our alliances features provide our clients:
  • Flexibility: Deployed wherever you need, in the cloud or on-site
  • Security: Built secure from the ground up, to protect sensitive data
  • Scalability: Can be adapted to support growth of teams, locations and more
  • Integration: Allows centralized access to all your Microsoft 365 tools and processes in one place

Learn more about the EY and Microsoft Alliance.

We bring the best legal and compliance tools in one place, giving your teams access with a single point of entry so that they can manage their work and processes from one secure place.

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