EY-Dell Technologies Alliance

The EY-Dell Technologies Alliance is helping to create more resilient and futureproof businesses by innovating across the multi-cloud and edge ecosystems.

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How can multi-cloud to edge accelerate sustainable business performance?

Speed, agility and resiliency are essential to the modern enterprise. The EY-Dell Technologies Alliance is helping to create more resilient and futureproof businesses by innovating across the multi-cloud and edge ecosystems.

By combining Dell’s innovative technology with the EY team’s deep industry and technology experience, we deliver transformational solutions that support faster and more reliable decision-making across the enterprise to accelerate sustainable business performance in an increasingly dynamic and competitive market. 

By enhancing your multi-cloud to edge capabilities, cyber resiliency and connectivity, organizations can connect, protect and accelerate enterprise performance by optimizing the human-technology interface.

Revolutionizing business optimization

with quantum computing

EY and Dell identified a technological breakthrough that can drastically reshape business problem-solving: quantum annealing and its enormous potential for solving complex optimization problems. Check out the use cases and actionable insights.

Read the white paper (via DellTechnologies.com)

Hyperscaling the edge

Organizations experience accelerated growth when they have access to real-time, actionable insights. The EY-Dell Technologies Alliance is helping transform industries with intelligent multi-cloud and edge capabilities that increase the reliability, security and velocity of critical decision-making.

The success of edge lies in the ability to accelerate intelligent data mining to:  

  • Overcome environmental and latency constraints
  • Streamline management and strategic decision-making
  • Extend security to the edge

The EY-Dell Technologies Alliance combines deep technology and industry domain experience for deployment success by simplifying the end-to-end edge value chain, backed by a portfolio of solutions purpose-built for the edge.  

Holistic cyber resilience

Arming your organization with the tools and expertise to anticipate, withstand and rapidly recover from disruptions is critical to securing your business. Our approach to holistic cyber resilience moves beyond day-to-day operational challenges and helps organizations create a future-focused, AI-driven approach to support rapid and effective decision-making, especially in times of crisis. 

By incorporating analytics and AI into data strategies, protecting against data loss and cyber disruptions and responding to issues involving data and asset recovery, the EY-Dell Technologies Alliance helps equip organizations to adapt and thrive in the new industrial era.

Intelligent connectivity everywhere

Intelligent digital infrastructure is transforming industries, but organizations are facing challenges in realizing the expected value. These hurdles include procuring a significant financial investment in infrastructure, a need for broad solutions delivery with collaborators and unprecedented quality as well as extensive resilience and security requirements. 

The EY-Dell Technologies Alliance is helping organizations tackle these challenges with an approach to intelligent connectivity that helps leaders make informed business decisions more quickly and improve operational excellence by implementing cost-effective, resilient and secure networks that allow them to innovate and differentiate across industries.

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