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Bursaries are awarded to individuals who we believe have the commitment to qualify as a Chartered Accountant and an academic record which indicates the ability to do so with due regard to financial need. In return for the bursary, the student is required to work at EY for the duration of their training contract (min. three years).

We are committed to growing and transforming the Chartered Accountancy profession. And importantly, we believe in your development from school, through university and into the world of work.

Application Process and Eligibility Requirements

Applications for the EY Bursary Programme are open throughout the year. Please contact the EY Recruitment Team for additional information.

Eligibility requirements

You are eligible to apply for the EY Bursary Programme if you:

  • Qualify, or are registered, for the relevant full-time university degree.
  • Are a South African citizen, with a valid South African identity document.
  • Have at least four A’s, excluding Life Skills, if you are a matric candidate.
  • Have maintained a 65% average across all subjects in your first and second years, if you are a university candidate.
  • Have maintained a 60% average across all subjects in your third and fourth years, if you are a university candidate.
  • Enrolled at a SAICA (South African Institute of Chartered Accountants) accredited University.
Types of Bursaries:
  • Academic Merit Bursary
  • Academic Merit with Financial Need Bursary
Required Documents:
  • CV
  • Certified I.D
  • Proof of Household income/Affidavit if parent(s) unemployed (if applying for a Merit with Financial Need Bursary)
  • Official Umalusi Matric Certificate/Statement
  • Proof of Registration (Acceptance Letter from the University for Matric applicants)
  • Complete Academic Record
  • Motivational letter
  • Latest Fee Statement (Fee Quotation for matric applicants)

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Success Stories: Hear what our bursary recipients have to say

  • Murendwa Davhula

    EY recognised my undergraduate average of 72% as well as my financial need, and awarded a bursary towards the post-graduate diploma in Accounting Science that I’m currently studying for. When I heard that I had got the bursary, I couldn’t help but cry. My experiences of EY, although brief, has been amazing and mind-blowing. The company culture is incredible. I can’t wait to qualify and pursue the career in advisory that I’m dreaming about.  

  • Nikita Sundar

    Taalia Crawley

    EY awarded me a merit bursary in the form of a once-off allowance, which I used to fund my under-graduate tuition. The recognition motivated me to take on an honours degree as well, and I am now completing a post-graduate certificate in Accounting Science with the intention of qualifying as a Chartered Accountant. Through all this, EY hasn't only been concerned about my academic results, but also about my wellbeing. I've always set goals for myself, and EY has helped me to achieve so many of them. The firm has been a big part of my journey to success, and I’m excited about contributing to their success in the future.

  • Paayal Shrivastav

    I was awarded an academic bursary by EY and my overwhelming feeling was of relief, knowing that it would take financial pressure off my family. The recognition and assistance have also motivated me to work hard during my studies (Bachelor of Accounting Science, and now a post-graduate diploma in Accounting Science). I feel extremely proud that I am associated with EY. I appreciate the firm’s culture and work ethic, and I aspire to work with them in the long-term.

  • Michelle Dineo

    The bursary that EY awarded me is a doorway to a world that I want to be part of. When I first visited the EY Sandton office, I knew that that I wanted to join the firm and grow with them. And now that I’ve accepted a training contract with EY, I’m so excited about my future. I’ve just completed vacation work and have learned so much about the career I’m working towards. I appreciate the opportunity that EY has afforded to gain practical experience of the professional world.

  • Mpumelelo Thwala

    I was looking for an organisation where I could serve my SAICA articles and, after completing an EY Work Experience Programme, was offered a bursary and training contract. EY is very engaged with their students, and is also committed to investing in its workforce, providing quality services, exercising good corporate citizenship, and helping to uplift society. I have come to appreciate the EY culture, which promotes diversity and strives for excellence. I am honoured to have the opportunity to work for, and be associated with, such an outstanding organisation. I’m looking forward to my future with one of Africa’s top employers.

  • Nikhil Dewnarain

    I was attracted to the EY Graduate Programme as I wanted to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who would help me further my personal and professional growth. I am exhilarated to be part of such a prestigious programme, and I have found the experience to be immersive and beneficial to achieving my goals. I am learning the importance of teamwork, networking and maintaining a positive outlook. I want to secure a future with EY as I want to be part of a company that plays an integral part in building a better world.

  • Taalia Crawley

    Taalia Crawley

    Words cannot express the elation that I felt on knowing I had been accepted into the EY graduate programme. It will forever be a highlight of my journey to becoming a CA(SA). EY is known for having a structured programme that allows graduates to work in different areas and thus find out what suits us. This is important, as it helps us to formulate a plan for the progression of our careers. I am drawn to the company slogan “Building a better working world” which tells me that EY cares about its employees. I am also impressed by the EYU-development framework, which will enable me to continue to learn on the job and grow professionally.


Campus Recruitment team

Get to know our friendly campus recruiters who you’ll meet at various events throughout the year and read their top tips. The team welcome the chance to answer your questions about how to apply, where you fit, how we develop you, life at EY and what makes us different.

  • Your Bursary Consultant: Koketso Selepe

    I am the Bursary Manager for the Assurance Graduate Recruitment Team.

    My role enables me to interact with students from different walks of life and potentially give them opportunities that may enable them to strive for their dreams through education.

    My passion is people development and the most rewarding part of my work is to “walk” alongside students, see them overcome obstacles, graduate and become contributing members of society.

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