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Learn how Chief Executives should rethink strategies, put people at the center of business transformation and focus on creating long-term value for all stakeholders.

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Our Global CEO Outlook – October 2022 survey of more than 750 CEOs revealed that while the external market environment offers significant challenges, many executives are remaining resolute and adapting their portfolios and ecosystems to compete in the new world that is emerging before their eyes.

The new complexity requires strong foundations to boost optionality, agility and sustainability for CEOs looking to create the conditions for long-term value creation in the future. Our survey explores how holding firm on transformational investment plans can help guard against challenges.

Strategy in Action: A CEO video series by EY-Parthenon

Beyond the pandemic, CEOs need to reshape their portfolios, reimagine their ecosystem and reinvent themselves for a better future. Designing and delivering a strategy to optimize value for all stakeholders has never been more challenging. Executives must take bold actions to enhance their growth opportunities and reframe their futures.

Watch our EY-Parthenon video series on how CEOs can develop a strategy that is both ambitious and actionable

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Actionable strategies that drive value creation across all stakeholders in today’s complex business landscape.

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Market disruption has accelerated transformation and forced CEOs to reimagine their business models. Business leaders that focus on putting people at the center of everything they do, deploying technology at speed and innovating at scale will do more than lead the market – they will reshape markets and become exponential value creators. These leaders take a future-back approach to optimize for today’s success and plan for tomorrow’s disruption.

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Pre-crisis, most organizations had been on a path to a future of work that was more agile, digital and people-centered, with an evolving skill need. COVID-19 has significantly accelerated that journey for all organizations on a scale they didn’t dream about 12 months ago. Companies are actively taking this opportunity to transform their organizations with customers and employees at the center of their efforts.

Today, societies demand greater responsibility from the organizations they work for, buy from and invest in. CEOs that anchor their strategies to a meaningful purpose, with a focus on creating long-term, sustainable impact across stakeholders, are best positioned to benefit from, demonstrate and measure the value they create.

EY is going carbon negative

To help build a better working world, EY will be carbon negative in 2021 and net zero in 2025.

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