Photographic portrait of Dan Diasio
To fully transform with AI, organizations should re-imagine their business models with AI along the critical path.

Dan Diasio

EY Global Artificial Intelligence Consulting Leader

Contributing to a positive, responsible future for our people and the next generation. Connector. Curious about the new and the old. Husband and Papa.

Dan is an executive serving as the EY Global Artificial Intelligence (AI) Consulting Leader. In this role, he supports clients with AI-enabled business transformation by supporting the strategic direction, identification, design, deployment of Trusted-AI and modern data platforms. 

He works across industries to narrow the divide of between digital immigrants and digital natives to turn weaknesses into competitive advantage.

Throughout his career, Dan has had the pleasure to lead high-performing teams to live their purpose through the execution of hundreds of bespoke solutions and products.

How Dan is building a better working world

Dan is pragmatic. While he sees the opportunity for AI to transform the world and provide new value, he is aware of the potential disruption and risk this brings. He believes we have mutual responsibilities to the shareholders and society. 

To that end, Dan actively uses his experiences to close the digital divide by deploying Digital Academies and leveraging his platform to support education in the community.

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