EY Beacon Institute

EY Beacon Institute supports and advises businesses on how to place purpose at the heart of their strategy.

Inspiring companies to build a better working world through our research and insights and by creating connections among our community of purpose-led business leaders.

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Companies successfully navigating today’s transformative age build their core strategy from an authentic purpose that motivates employees and customers, builds trust while creating value for shareholders, the environment and society. These firms recognize that the only long-term future for business is as a responsible contributor to a more sustainable and inclusive world.

How EY Beacon is building a better working world

We define “purpose” as an aspirational, human-centric reason for being that serves multiple stakeholders. Purpose isn’t just an add-on to a company’s existing operations. Purpose sits at the core of why and how a firm does business, from what it does and why it exists, to how it makes decisions and designs its long-term strategy.

Today, business is expected to serve society constructively and responsibly. It’s no longer enough for a firm to put shareholders first, and everyone else somewhere down the list.

By researching and developing thought-provoking insights and convening CEOs, board directors and other thought leaders to share experiences and best practices, EY Beacon Institute challenges companies  ̶  and ourselves  ̶  to make sure business contributes towards a healthy society and planet, as well as its own success.

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