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Track COVID-19’s effects on tax deadlines, collections and enforcement

4 min. de citit 2 apr. 2020
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  • Staying Up-to-Date with COVID-19 Stimulus Responses

The regularly updated EY COVID-19 Tax Controversy Response Tracker helps you monitor related tax enforcement changes across the globe.

Governments around the world are actively taking steps to protect their economies from the economic damage being caused by the COVID-19 virus. Tax cuts, investment incentives and concessions from tax administrators are all intended to help alleviate financial and economic burdens of lockdowns, travel restrictions and business closures.

Tax administrators have undertaken numerous initiatives across the globe, and the list changes every day. That makes it more important than ever for businesses to stay abreast of developments. All of these measures are being tracked in the EY COVID-19 Tax Controversy Response Tracker, including:

  1. Tax administration: measures aimed to boost liquidity in the market; revised requirements for tax notices, tax filings, collections and refunds
  2. Tax audit: suspension of audit interaction for a specified time period; collection activities on new debts suspended until further notice; flexible payment arrangements readily available
  3. Tax litigation: extension of litigation proceedings for a specified time period

This tracker will help you remain up-to-date with tax administration changes, whether proposed or already implemented. Covering many jurisdictions around the world, the tracker will be updated regularly.

We’ve developed additional trackers to help you monitor the global situation: a Tax Policy tracker, a Labor and Employment Law tracker, and an Immigration Policy tracker. EY Tax professionals are updating the trackers regularly as the situation continues to develop.

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  • Download the latest EY Tax Controversy Response Tracker


The EY COVID-19 Tax Controversy Response Tracker provides regular updates on tax administration measures in response to the pandemic. These include postponed filing and payment deadlines, tax audit suspensions, tax court postponements and many more. These emergency measures are all intended to help taxpayers meet their tax obligations.

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