Photographic portrait of Krzysztof Łapiński
Emerging technologies change the way we live, communicate and do business almost every day. We believe that understanding technologies helps us apply them to building a better working world.

Krzysztof Łapiński

EY EMEIA Consulting Center for IoT Strategy Leader

Technology and usability enthusiast. Loves cracking through problems to reveal reasoning and values. Inspiring attitude and encouraging team player. Appreciates quality, aesthetics and simplicity.

As IoT Strategy Leader in EMEIA Consulting Center for IoT (EAC), Krzysztof focuses on the business perspective of IoT and applying emerging technologies. He works with both advanced and conceptual private and public sector clients to define business rationale and the necessary conditions of successful digitalization. Additionally, he is the owner of the Consulting Center’s IoT for smart cities offering, developing tools and methodologies supporting future cities transformation.

Before joining EAC, Krzysztof was part of the IT Consulting team in Central and Eastern Europe. Prior to joining EY, he worked in software houses, data centers and large ICT integrators.

Krzysztof holds a master’s degree in Psychology in Business from Upper Silesian Higher School of Economics in Poland.

How Krzysztof is building a better working world

Krzysztof develops tools and methodologies that EY Consulting teams use to deliver exceptional client service. He shares his extensive experience in projects across EMEIA. He is personally committed to transferring knowledge, working with local practices to develop new services that address emerging client needs. As part of these activities, he has created multiple studies and thought leadership documents that help  clients make better decisions and bring value to their businesses.

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