Sumeet Balgovind
Analytics, artificial intelligence and cognitive technologies can provide evidence-based insights to improve life outcomes for the most vulnerable children in society.

Sumeet Balgovind

EY Asia-Pacific Data & Analytics Consulting Partner

Experienced in business intelligence and information management.

A Partner with Ernst & Young – Australia in EY Asia-Pacific Data & Analytics services, Sumeet has over 17 years of experience managing and directing projects across analytics, business intelligence and information management programs for government and public sector clients across Australia.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and Business Intelligence from the University of Melbourne. 

How Sumeet is building a better working world

Sumeet is the Co-Global Solution Leader for the EY Child Welfare Intelligence Platform, a detailed  solution to stop inter-generational poverty and achieve better life outcomes for children. He has led the development and activation of this service in the US, Canada, UK, European Union, New Zealand and Australia, helping EY clients to improve outcomes for children and families, reduce risk, improve  resources and prevent harm.

“I am proud to be part of a diverse and amazing team at EY that is working closely with governments and their partners to improve services  for the most vulnerable in our society. I have learned so much from some of my colleagues whose domain experience in child protection is second to none. Across EY, we have a considerable amount of knowledge across the technology and government spheres, and we are passionate about combining the two to help build a better working world.”

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