How can organizations remain cyber resilient in the face of COVID-19?

Over the last year, every business has had to adapt to disruption in one form or another. But the speed of change came with a heavy price. Many businesses did not involve cybersecurity in the decision-making process and, as a result, new vulnerabilities arose that continue to threaten the business today.

It’s time for a new take on protecting the organization: ensuring day-to-day resilience as well as a proactive, pragmatic, and strategic approach that considers risk and security from the onset. This is Security by Design.

Rather than avoiding risk altogether, Security by Design is about enabling trust in systems, designs and data so that organizations can take on more risk, lead transformational change and innovate with confidence.

EY Global Information Security Survey 2021

This year’s survey finds CISOs and security leaders battling against a new wave of threats unleashed by COVID-19.

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Privacy in the wake of COVID-19

EY and The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) launch new research on remote working, employee health monitoring and data sharing.

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Navigate COVID-19 with our enterprise resilience framework

Technology and information security is one of nine focus areas in our framework for building enterprise resilience. Get your checklist for actions relating to Technology and information security – for now, next and beyond COVID-19.

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