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Biopharma Launch Edge provides a comprehensive range of launch services designed to help deliver groundbreaking outcomes, by providing a faster, simpler and more successful launch process.

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What EY can do for you

Biopharma launches set the tone for product lifecycle success. However, in this dynamic and uncertain environment, launches are often complex and fraught with increasing challenges, which explains why many of them underperform.

The EY Biopharma Launch Edge solution rewrites the rules to help deliver successful product launches. EY can help you and your organization deliver greater impact and get innovation to more patients faster, through the delivery of groundbreaking outcomes, step-change in engagement of others and unwavering confidence throughout.

EY Biopharma Launch Edge diagram
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    The graphic above shows how the EY Biopharma Launch Edge offering can help companies to deliver more successful launches through the delivery of groundbreaking outcomes, step-change in engagement of others and unwavering confidence throughout.

The rapidly changing launch landscape

More than two out of three biopharma products launched since January 2020 have underperformed. About 38% of the products missed expectations by more than a 50% gap, according to the EY Commercial Launch Center of Excellence (via US).

With the growing cost of drug development and reduced times to peak sales, getting a drug launch right is more critical than ever. The external factors that have added more complexity to the launch process include:

  • Intensifying competition
  • Rise of specialty drugs and advanced therapeutics that require a more bespoke launch
  • Reduced engagement with stakeholders due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other factors
  • Rising influence of payers
  • Substantive health care reforms (e.g., Inflation Reduction Act)
  • Need for omnichannel digital engagement with consumers and other stakeholders

Poor launch performance is often the result of inefficiencies at every stage of the prelaunch phase. Top internal factors include:

  •  Lack of visibility across functions and regions
  • Inconsistent success metrics and tracking
  • Low visibility of launch readiness at local levels
  • Lack of alignment on strategy and execution, between global and local, and between clinical and commercial
  • Huge volume of interdependent, preparatory activities
  • Insufficient or delayed investment and resources
  • Inconsistent execution

EY value creators

  • Agile launch control

    • Multidisciplinary team with agile ways of working and deep therapy area expertise
    • Real-time launch tracking through digital control tower
    • Orchestration across multiple vendors to drive “shared success”
  • Strategy driven by insight

    • Robust disease area strategy leveraging therapy experts and access to health care providers
    • Strategic value proposition development based on deep persona insights
    • Access and pricing strategy based on our payer insights 
    • Clinical practice change strategy leveraging our knowledge and relationships within health care
    • Advanced insights/real-world evidence (RWE) capabilities for cross-functional scenario planning
  • Market pull-through of launch strategy

    • Translation of global launch agenda into operational market launch plans via deep local market knowledge​
    • Global-local integration, consistency and scaling through tested iterative approach
  • Leading-edge capabilities

    • Outcomes-based contracting enabled by our first-of-its-kind industry platform, EY Health Outcomes Platform
    • Value-driven, omnichannel approach
    • Mock payer negotiation capabilities through academies and learning labs
    • Research-based, proprietary change management methodology
    • Change management experience embedded in behavioral science and personalization
    • Cross-functional capability build for launch teams of the future
  • Faster insight-to-action process

    • Global Center of Excellence (data and AI specialists) producing data-to-insights engines and delivering real-time value 
    • Automated, near-real-time, interactive dashboards with customized performance metrics to guide early decision-making
    • Data-led consolidation across markets to elevate launch risks and delay signals
Agile launch control diagram
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    The graphic above shows EY’s approach and value creators for the Biopharma Launch Edge Offering. These value creators include:

    • Agile launch control
    • Strategy driven by insight
    • Market pull-through of launch strategy
    • Leading-edge capabilities
    • Faster insight-to-action process

Why EY?

To deliver a successful drug product launch in today’s dynamic and challenging marketplace, you must reimagine your launch strategy and operations from the ground up. But you don’t have to do it alone. EY Biopharma Launch Edge provides you with the tools to plan, navigate, execute, and measure a strategic and sustaining launch. The results? Groundbreaking outcomes that deliver on sales expectations; a step-change in engagement of others, resulting in speedy mobilization and shared successes; and unwavering confidence throughout, delivering efficiencies relating to time, resources, and budget, and, ultimately, putting innovation in the hands of the patients.

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