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Assurance is EY's largest business area and consists of Audit and Financial Accounting Advisory Services. The departments work closely together in a business environment that is constantly changing and which requires the ability to adapt to complex demands and challenges from the market.

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Whatever you do, you do it with others. Teamwork is key to our success in Assurance. You will be part of a professional environment where our teams are versatile and work across borders and cultures. We use digital technology in an agile and intelligent way. This is how we best meet our customers' needs, improve their experiences, and increase the quality and value of what we do. In Assurance, you get to work directly with companies' boards and management teams.

In the following, you will find a brief description of all departments within Assurance.


The auditor is society's fiduciary, and as an auditor you help ensure reliable financial reporting and efficient capital markets. EY is one of Denmark's leading audit firms and is the auditor for the largest companies in Denmark. As an auditor, you will work closely with the management of the companies to review processes and identify risks with the support of global methodology and modern tools. The profession is undergoing significant change, and the effective use of technology is becoming increasingly important. 

Combine your ability to communicate and build relationships with academic excellence and advanced technology use, and you'll learn to ask better questions and get better answers.

Explore a career within auditing as an Audit Trainee and Audit Graduate (in Danish).

Financial Accounting Advisory Services

In Financial Accounting Advisory Services (FAAS) in Denmark, we are more than 80 employees determined to help creating a better working world in an increasingly more complex setting. Our specialists work with a myriad of different assignments from protecting clients’ integrity by conducting fraud investigations to assisting with initial public offerings (IPO’s). We are also industry leaders in establish procedures and measuring KPI’s for sustainability reporting and as the most trusted advisor for the CFO.

Our clients vary from small family-owned business to publicly listed global companies and includes both public- and private-sector companies in almost any industry. This variety provides you as a graduate with unique learning opportunities, where no two days are alike.

By contributing with our specialist knowledge, the combined FAAS team supports our clients with establishing integrity, departing on the sustainable journey, and fulfilling the CFO’s agenda.

In FAAS our four difference service areas are part of a common social and commercial structure. The team has a vast variety of different backgrounds, which is crutial for us to provide better solutions for increasingly more complex problems.

In FAAS, the average employee is young, which brings a fresh vibe to the team dynamic. Hard work accompanied by social events - a combination that we believe, is the perfect recipe for great success and long-lasting friendships.

FAAS’ services are divided into four service areas. Please find the area of your interest. We very much hope to get you on-board.

  • Core Financial Accounting Advisory Services

    EY’s FAAS teams support our clients with determining, monitoring, and disclosing financial and nonfinancial insights for their stakeholders. FAAS addresses the CFO’s agenda and provides CFOs, controllers, treasurers and audit committees with insight and services to support compliance with evolving financial requirements and help provide transparency and trust in reporting to support better decision-making. We also help to support finance functions with robust financial data analytics and innovation and support processes of IPOs.

    Our services cover a wide range of accounting and reporting, transaction accounting, treasury, and corporate governance services that can make our clients’ businesses meet changing market conditions, demands for greater transparency and changing regulatory requirements.

    Hence our field of work, we are primarily looking for graduates within the field of Accounting, Economics, Finance, Mathematics, or related discipline.

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  • Forensic & Integrity Services

    Successful organizations depend on their reputation for keeping promises, respecting laws and behaving ethically to maintain stakeholder trust. Therefore, we help organizations protect and restore enterprise and financial reputation. We assist companies and their legal counsel to investigate facts, resolve disputes and manage regulatory challenges. We put integrity at the heart of compliance programs to help better manage ethical and reputational risks.

    In Forensic & Integrity Services we help mitigate the lose of trust by advising on the implementation of internal controls, conducting stakeholder due diligence, and advising on data safety. Besides helping to mitigate, we are also capable of leading forensic investigations to uncover the true course of action. This is done by, for example, restoring and securing data such as e-mails and chat correspondences to search for signs of planned fraud.

    Our assistance also includes “Anti-Social Dumping measurements, support for the Danish Judicial system as expert witnesses, investigative tasks internally for our clients, and much more.

    Hence our field of work, we are primarily looking for graduates within the field of economics, finance and/or law, e.g.: cand.merc.(aud.), cand.pol., cand.merc.(jur.), cand.merc.(ibp.), cand.polit, cand.jur. or similar.

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  • Climate Change and Sustainability Services

    In order to survive and grow in an increasingly competitive and accountable business environment, organizations are required to report not only on their financial performance, but also their nonfinancial performance.

    Ignoring sustainability, environmental, health and safety (EHS) and climate change risks and stakeholder concerns around these issues is no longer an option. While CFOs may not have traditionally led the way, they are increasingly expected to play a more active role.

    EY’s Climate Change and Sustainability Services (CCaSS) team understands the evolving pressure surrounding these challenges. As a result, we help companies respond by understanding and evaluating the broader value impacts and outcomes, identifying the opportunities, and supporting the reporting of nonfinancial performance risks to their stakeholders.

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  • CFO Services

    The reasons for needing interim assistance are many. It might be driven by rapid growth, a sudden long-term sickness, a change in the employee group, a reorganization, or any other reason. No matter the reason, CFO-Services are ready to support our clients in having a fully operating finance function.

    At CFO-Services we assist in all areas of the Finance Function. From bookkeeping to controlling, from strategic sparring to interim CFOs. No matter the need, the team has a suitable consultant, and with the EY brand, our clients know that the quality will be high in everything we do. Following our work, we always provide a debrief with the client, in which we describe our identified areas of possible improvements.

    As a graduate in EY’s CFO-services, we are in it for the long term. This means that we are committed to show you the path from newly graduated student to the CFO’s most trusted partner. The journey lays open, now it is just yours to be taken.

    If it sounds exciting, explore more (in Danish).

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Your initial encounter with EY as a new graduate is the Nordic Induction Program in August. This program serves as your introduction to the potential dynamics of everyday working life and provides an opportunity to foster deeper connections with your new colleagues. We invest significant effort in customizing the program to ensure it becomes an engaging and enriching experience for our new colleagues. Read more about being a Graduate at EY through our career blogs.

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