EY Krister Paulsen
External requirements and digital opportunities require finance to change radically over the coming years. Helping CFOs to lead that transformation is at the core of what we do.

Krister Paulsen

Nordic Finance Consulting Leader and Partner, Consulting, EY Norway

Supports CFOs to become Chief Value Officers. Champion at analytical insights, ERP, automation, GBS, operating models and finance transformation. Father of three. Loves skiing and water sports.

Krister is a Partner in EY Consulting and head of our Nordic Finance Consulting team. He holds a Siv.øk. degree from NHH (1998) and an MBA from INSEAD (2004), with specialization in advanced finance. 

Before joining EY in 2015, he held partner positions in investment banking and strategy consulting. 

How Krister is building a better working world

Digitalization gives CFOs fantastic opportunities to transform their role and organization. At the same time, new regulatory requirements make this a necessity. Helping this transition from CFO to Chief Value Officer and enabling the finance organization to create deeper insights into how to drive value creation for all stakeholders is what “gets me up in the morning.”

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