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ESRS S1 Own Workforce

Explore sustainability in your workforce under CSRD. Discover how prioritizing people aligns with sustainability goals in our insightful webinar.

Join us for an overview of the significance, challenges, and leading practices in incorporating sustainability principles into your own workforce under the new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), we'll address the question: "How can prioritizing your people enhance your organization's journey towards sustainability and meet the demands of the CSRD?" 

Session Overview:

  1. Welcome
  2. Understanding CSRD and ESRS S1 Own Workforce
  3. Identifying Impact, Risks, and Opportunities
  4. Legal Perspectives on Own Workforce
  5. Moving from Compliance to Impact using S1

We look forward to your active participation and the chance to engage in meaningful discussions on sustainability.


  • Roxanne Mårback - Manager, EY Sweden
  • Lauren Haney – Nordic Social Sustainability lead, EY Sweden
  • Johan Wijk, Director, Labour and Employment Law, EY Sweden
  • Louise Dyrendahl - Partner, Nordic Head of Workforce, EY Sweden

This webinar is part of our Nordic Sustainability Matter-series. See upcoming events or watch previous ones on-demand.


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