Photographic portrait of Oliver Jones
In an unprecedented age of economic, social and environmental change, EY purpose is to help both the public and private sector to adapt and flourish.

Oliver Jones

EY Global SaT Markets, Sustainability and Geostrategy Leader

Passionate about providing outstanding support to governments and businesses in a fast changing world. Deeply committed to excellence in public policy. Team builder. Mentor. Flexible worker.

Oliver has been a partner at EY for over 14 years.  Based in Sydney, Australia, from 2010 to 2018, he is now based in London, England.  He currently has three senior global leadership roles at EY.  He is the Global Markets for EY’s Strategy and Transactions service line, and SaT’s global Sustainability Leader.  He also leads EY’s specialist global geopolitical advisory team, the Geostrategic Business Group.

Prior to starting his career in consulting, he was a senior civil servant in the UK Government. He worked in four different UK government departments: the (then) Department of Trade and Industry, the Prime Minister’s Office, HM Treasury and the Department for Transport.

Oly earned an MA in Geography from the University of Cambridge.

How Oliver is building a better working world

“I have spent my 25-year career as a public servant and as a consultant providing support to the public and private sectors on issues that shape the societies we live in and which define the relationship between the public and private sectors – issues such as economic policy, infrastructure, geopolitics and sustainability.  My passion is to support both the public and private sectors to drive real world outcomes on these issues, and therefore to build a better working world.”

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