Photographic portrait of Anne Sawyer
A Transformative Age poses challenges that access to education alone can’t solve. Development of young people’s mindsets and transferable skills will help them adapt and thrive in the future of work.

Anne Sawyer

EY Global Supporting the Next Generation Leader

Education devotee and advocate. Operations professional. Gardener. Crossfit weakest link.

Previously Education Practice Director at EY-Parthenon, Anne is now a part of the EY Global Corporate Responsibility team, where she leads our strategic focus on supporting the next generation.

Her lifelong commitment to improving education began at the largest school district in the US, where she was HR team leader and later Chief of Staff of the Office of Accountability.

Her experience also includes working as Vice President of National Programs at a US nonprofit, focused on recruiting and retaining talent in the education sector. She led talent strategy, curriculum and training, and the data leadership initiative for all fellows.

Anne started her career working at an investment bank in New York and London.

A proud alumna of the Lewiston, Maine public schools, Anne also holds a BA from Trinity College, CT and an MA from Columbia University’s Teachers College.

How Anne is building a better working world

“In my career and personal life, I have seen significant disparities in young people’s readiness for the working world. I’m thrilled to be focusing my career on supporting all young people – especially those who are underserved – to become better prepared to succeed in this Transformative Age.

The careers of my kids and all young people will look radically different than mine and many of ours. Now is the time to get ahead of the challenges posed by the future of work – to help young people develop the cognitive flexibility and emotional balance they’ll need most to adapt and thrive, whatever the future of work holds in store.”

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