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Seize the opportunity to transform how businesses work and harness the latest technologies to power human enterprise and unleash your potential.

How could your tech career power a more sustainable world?

EY Tech Careers event 

On 25-26 October, EY held the EY Tech Careers virtual event. It was an opportunity to hear first-hand about tech careers at EY and be inspired by the global impact EY technologists are having.

Highlights included:

  • 25+ live and on-demand sessions over two days, which welcomed participants from across the globe 
  • EY technologists discussing how to harness leading-edge tech, such as blockchain, AI, data analytics and robotics to tackle the world’s toughest challenges, from cyber crime to climate change
  • The exceptional EY tech career experience, and what it means to work with thousands of technologists and global tech alliances to tackle planet-sized problems
  • EY tech leaders, including EY Global Chief Innovation Officer, Jeff Wong; EY Global Chief Technology Officer, Nicola Morini Bianzino; and EY Global Advisory Data and Analytics Leader, Beatriz Sanz Sáiz
  • Panel discussions on neurodiversity and women in tech
  • Meeting EY tech recruiters and talent leaders
  • Agenda: Day one

    Time (EDT) Session title
    900-930 A transformative career in tech. At EY, it’s yours to build.


    Help build a sustainable future with a Tech Career at EY

    1000-1030 Transforming the manufacturing industry with technology
    1030-1100 Unlocking the power of technology with your career
    1100-1145 Women in Tech at EY - Panel
    1145-1230 EY Tech Careers - New hire insights
    1230-1300 EY’s Transformative Cloud Journey – What it's like working in cloud at EY
    1300-1330 How neuro-diverse tech talent is helping EY to build a better working world
    1330-1400 Harnessing innovation for the future of professional services
    1400-1430 Technology Risk – Translating uncertainty into confidence to accelerate performance
    1430-1500 A career with purpose: Be on the frontline of protecting EY
    1500-1530 Transformation through the power of people, technology and innovation
  • Agenda: Day two

    Time (IST) Session title
    900-930 A transformative career in tech. At EY, it’s yours to build.


    The future of Finance and Tax

    1000-1030 Why leave a Tech leader to lead Tech at EY?
    1030-1100 Product innovations helping our clients succeed in the world
    1100-1145 Women in Tech at EY - Panel
    1145-1215 Transforming tomorrow’s businesses with tomorrow’s technology
    1215-1300 Working on the leading edge of technology - Innovation and Incubation Lab at EY
    1300-1330 Transformation through the power of people, technology and innovation
    1330-1400 Better Working World Data Challenge: Hear from the winners turned EY employees
    1400-1430 NextWave careers at EY
    1430-1500 Upskilling for a disruptive future
    1500-1530 Helping to enable business transformation through technology in Africa

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A career in technology that will change the world. At EY, it's yours to build.

Could you help solve the world’s toughest challenges? Imagine working alongside businesses that are using artificial intelligence (AI) to detect cancer earlier in patients. Imagine helping clients to prevent cyber hacks by implementing blockchain technology. Imagine working with advanced analytics to help farmers increase food production.

It’s meaningful work, every single day. You’ll drive long-term value using technology across every industry, helping clients find inventive solutions to their business problems. You’ll help them grow, while discovering limitless opportunities to develop yourself.

As well as developing your technical expertise, you’ll learn about business strategy and gain industry knowledge. You’ll collaborate with different cross-functional teams, with the freedom and ability to explore new prototypes and design your own solutions. You’ll be transforming businesses, one idea at a time.

You'll have a wide-ranging choice of technology roles across our business. So whether you're a data specialist, a software engineer, a tax technologist, a technology consultant or a solution architect, you’ll find a technology career as unique as you are.

We invest in our people and technology to power the human enterprise of the future

A technology career is about far more than leading-edge innovations. It’s about the application of these technologies in the real world to make a real, meaningful impact. That’s why EY is investing more than ever before in technology and our people, to build the transformative mindset and technology skill set needed to analyze, innovate and think and act globally.

This includes the launch of our new, first-of-its-kind EY Tech MBA, in collaboration with Hult International Business School. It builds on the success of our EY Badges program, which helps our people develop future-focused skills in areas such as big data and analytics, blockchain, AI, intelligent automation, and cybersecurity.

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Your future is our most important investment.

Learn more about The EY Tech MBA by Hult International Business School which enables our people to navigate the technology, leadership and business challenges ahead.

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Work with global organizations, advanced technologies and transformative leaders

In a technology career at EY, you could be collaborating with global organizations like GE Digital, IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, LinkedIn and SAP. You’ll help to set a new standard for the way we can use emerging technologies, such as AI, blockchain, internet of things, and data analytics.

As well as having access to leading-edge technologies, you get to work with some of the brightest minds across each industry to explore powerful new ideas. You’ll have access to professionals in different disciplines, all working together to make a real impact on the way the world works today.

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Today’s technologies, tomorrow’s solutions

Forget everything you think you know about the work we do, and the systems and tools we create to do it. Today, careers at EY are about so much more than spreadsheets, number-crunching and accounting applications. We put bots, algorithms and machines to work so that you can do more interesting and impactful work.

Faster transactions with blockchain

The potential of blockchain is immense: it can streamline EY clients’ business processes and help to reimagine what a secure network is. Working with blockchain we help businesses to mitigate their risk of cybersecurity issues, helping bring more confidence to markets.

Seizing the upside of analytics

Even digital “non-natives” are benefitting from analytics embedded into the heart of today’s businesses. You’ll help clients to use analytics in many innovative ways: to help drive investment decisions; to mitigate risk; to improve customer satisfaction; and to increase the value of interactions. With the value of data ever increasing, it’s little wonder it’s at the heart of what we do.

Embracing intelligent automation

Robotic process automation is having a transformative impact on the world we live in. There are upsides, such as increased efficiencies, increased output and cost reduction, but there are also human implications. In an EY career, you’ll work with clients to make positive change by helping to automate mundane, time-sapping work in every industry — from tax to HR, and supply chain to regulatory compliance. Thanks to robotic, autonomous systems replacing human tasks, you’ll help to unlock deeper insights and solutions to problems.

Artificial intelligence, human impact

At some point in the future, humans will have more daily interactions with bots than they do with each other. When we talk about a career at EY in AI, we believe it’s less about the technology itself, and more about its application. We really are at the tip of the iceberg in understanding the impact it can have across sectors such as healthcare, clean energy and even food production. Here at EY, we say that bots are built, but AI is applied. Your career in AI will give you a global platform to work with a technology that could eventually change not just the world — but the health of our planet.

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