Florian Huber
When transformation is viewed as a business process, not a project, it becomes clear that starting the journey is more important than knowing where you’ll finally end up.

Florian Huber

EY Europe West Sustainability Co-Leader; EYCarbon Co-Founder and Leader

Transformation enthusiast. Connector. Entrepreneur and mentor. Conference speaker. Softball and handball fan. Family lover. Father of 4.

Florian is an experienced transformation professional who helps bring OLD companies into their NEW reality.

Over the years, he has done this successfully in various roles as a consultant, CRO, startup entrepreneur, coach and currently Chief Development Officer and quarterback for the EY Parthenon.

He believes in a H2H (human to human) model when working with clients, not a B2B one (business to business).  He works to create a culture that is customer-centric, technology-enabled, agile, and based on putting customer-experience first.

How Florian is building a better working world

“I believe it is the people behind a project or concept that determines its success. That’s why I am so interested in finding out what motivates people to work together in a way that makes transformation happen effectively and sustainably. I share my thinking on social media as I like the direct feedback.”

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