Woodruff Driggs
Today’s companies must continuosly re-think and re-imagine business processes, business models as well as new products and services to thrive in the transformative age.

Woodruff (Woody) W. Driggs

EY Americas Consulting Digital Transformation EY wavespace Leader

Digital transformation EY wavespace leader helping EY clients re-imagine their future so they can thrive in the transformative age.

An accomplished consultant and member of the Digital 50, Woody’s EY wavespace™ team supports clients by helping them build capabilities, platforms and culture they need to transform their businesses from “doing” digital to “being” digital. He joined EY to build the marketing, sales and service consulting business, where he focused on customer experience transformation – the heart of EY’s digital transformation service.

Prior to joining EY, he helped clients across many different industries to build and deploy large scale business/technology platforms to manage their enterprise. He helped clients through large scale implementations of enterprise requirements planning, customer relationship management and product lifecycle management solutions.

Woody received his BA in Computer Science from Boston College.

How Woody is building a better working world

 “I am committed to the belief that the world’s better working companies understand that trust is the currency of relationships and that every customer interaction is an opportunity to build or erode trust. And in a world where digital forces are disrupting business models and entire industries, I am helping clients understand if their strategy is fit for a better working digital world.”

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