Meet the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ Indonesia Class of 2018

These dynamic women entrepreneurs have demonstrated exceptional qualities to accelerate their business’ growth.

photographic of caroline gondokusumo
Caroline Gondokusumo

Founder & CEO, PT Dutakom Wibawa Putra
EY EWW Indonesia Class of Winners 2018
EY EWW Asia-Pacific Class of 2019

Founded D-Net in 1997, Caroline initially aimed to provide a reliable internet services
for businesses in Surabaya, East Java, to improve and support their businesses –
specially to be more competitive in the market.

In her 22 years of leadership, Caroline is now actively involved in the Government’s
program of “Making Indonesia 4.0”. This program seeks to connect remote villages in
the Republic of Indonesia via the internet. Under her headship, D-Net is helping to
improve Indonesia’s education system by providing internet services. Caroline hopes
to inspire Indonesian women to have and build a career or business in the IT and
technology sectors.

photographic of erdini enggar
Erdini Enggar

Founder & CEO, PT Toko Mesin Maksindo
EY EWW Indonesia Class of Winners 2018

Maksindo machines store first had its roots in 2004 with the thought of providing various
types of agricultural machines to local farmers and small businesses. She then learned all about machines from her professor in Brawijaya University.
Erdini established Maksindo with the goal of helping local farmers and SME entrepreneurs across all of Indonesia. As agriculture is one of the key sectors in Indonesian economy, she believed the gap of agricultural processing machines producer were enormous. She also
offers training program to prepare her clients with practical knowledge, so they are ready
to run the business. With more than 30,000 entrepreneurs used her machines and joined
the training across Indonesia and South East Asia region, Maksindo stores have also
expanded to 19 branches in 15 cities in Indonesia.

photographic of talita setyadi
Talita Setyadi

Founder & Director, PT Tekindo Boga Lestari (BEAU Bakery)
EY EWW Indonesia Class of Winners 2018

BEAU Bakery’s inception in 2015 was met by some hardships. Within its first 18 months, Talita’s business struggled with high-rent price, low retail activity, and economic recession.
At the end of 2015, she had to rely on her own governance to bring the company’s focus
back to its vision and mission. Talita went on to tailor a menu to reflect BEAU’s passion for innovation, originality and focus on being ahead in the industry.

In the future, she aims to open international accredited culinary schools in Indonesia
to keep up with the industry’s demand for skilled chefs and bakers, innovation and
operational standards. Her prime concern in starting a business was the low level of
education amongst the Indonesian “chef” and “baker” professions. Instead of distrust
and control over recipes and intellectual property, Talita decided to implement a company culture based on sharing and mentorship.

photographic of diajeng lestari
Diajeng Lestari

Founder & CEO, PT
EY EWW Indonesia Finalist 2018

Diajeng knew firsthand how difficult it was for Muslim women in Indonesia to find
stylish hijab (headscarves) and modest clothing. She knew there was a huge market
for sophisticated modest fashion. Hijup was first established with the concept of an
online mall offering various choices of modest fashion created by Indonesian fashion designers.

Diajeng envisions Hijup to become the biggest online modest fashion in the world.
HIJUP improved its service by opening the brick-and-mortar stores in several major
cities in Indonesia and expanded by opening stores in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and
London. Diajeng believes in entrepreneurial business as it is not just about gaining,
but about sharing. Now, everywhere in the world, a lot of Muslim women have entered
into the fashion industry and offered new market to the now generation.

photographic of regina refika
Regina Rafika

Founder & Director, ATS The Label
Indonesia EWW Finalist 2018

Regina established ATS the Label in 2009 with the help from her mother acting as her
mentor. Today, ATS the Label presents itself as a full fledge local fashion business that
has garnered a large following of fans. Regina has built a community around her brand
by engaging in conversations and interactions.

ATS the Label has earned number of achievements such as the opportunity to showcase
a collection in the Indonesia Fashion Forward 2017 and Jakarta Fashion Week since 2017.
She emphasizes that it is important to maintain a positive relationship with people who
have helped her shape the success. Furthermore, she believes that finding the right
community is a great way to develop ourselves. With it, comes the duty to give back to
said community for it to become better.

photographic of helen dewi
Helen Dewi Kirana

Founder & Designer, NES by HDK
Indonesia EWW Finalist 2018

The inspiration for NES Batik came to Helen when she prayed for a bigger and more meaningful purpose to her life. Then the idea of stola (a type of cloth) emerged.
She decided on the word “Nes” which means “miracle” in Hebrew, since she received
a “miracle” which inspired her to start NES.

From one NES founder in 2014, to thousands of NES lovers in 2018 is how Helen describes
her entrepreneurial journey. With her hardship, NES gained recognitions including the
Inacraft award 2015 and the Indonesian representative for world craft council of excellence
for handicraft 2016 and 2017 for textile category. Through NES, Helen addresses social and environment issues by way of awareness movement and stola pattern represented the social campaign, such as released “Tree of Life” pattern in line with her trash management series
of program called “Moving from Baduy for A Clean Indonesia” in 2018.