Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ Indonesia

EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ Indonesia program targets “the missing middle” — savvy women founders who have built profitable businesses

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EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ Indonesia program 2020 is now open!

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Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ Indonesia

A national competition and executive leadership program to help accelerate growth of female-led businesses.

EY gives the founders ongoing access to our vast resources, rich networks and know-how, helping to strengthen their abilities to become market leaders. At the same time, the program creates a vibrant global community of successful women entrepreneurs and inspiring peer role models who, by 2019, number more than 500.  

A chosen program alumni from Indonesia has the opportunity to participate in the EY Winning Women™ Asia-Pacific Conference program, joining the other most dynamic Asia-Pacific-based female entrepreneurs. The Asia-Pacific Class of Winners will obtain the valuable access to global EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women alumnae of experienced and successful entrepreneurs, mentors, business partners and even venture capitalists and the opportunity to attend a year-long series of business seminars and workshops.

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Who sets the pace for tomorrow's women founders? 

Our last EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women global impact study demonstrates the power of this growing community, individually and collectively.

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About the program

The EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ Indonesia program is an elite business network and awarding program designed for women with established businesses across Indonesia.

  • Awarding program is free of cost
  • Relevant learning opportunities and business network
  • Increase national visibility for themselves and their companies among corporate executives, entrepreneurs, investors and media
  • EY Winning Women Asia-Pacific program and conference in the following year and other EY regional/global events (optional)
Our minds is our own limit, therefore keep our paradigm challenged so we can make the shift and scale up our life.
Caroline Gondokusumo
Founder & CEO, PT Dutakom Wibawa Putra (D-Net)
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How to burnish your brand as a talent magnet

Women-led companies can best the competition with progressive benefits programs necessary to attract the workers they say they need.

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Entrepreneurial Winning Women are coached to embrace ambitious growth plans starting with the “5 ways to win” — five key things that successful entrepreneurs must do to scale small companies into large ones. When they do, they expand their companies, hire more employees and build a better working world:

  • Think big and be bold: Think ambitiously about your future business goals
  • Work on the business, rather than in it: Cultivate a strong team so you can look ahead and plot your path to growth
  • Establish key advisory networks: Establish relationships with other business leaders to secure advice and counsel
  • Build a public profile: Put your brand to work — speak publicly, write about what you know, share your story
  • Evaluate financing for expansion: Consider capital needs as you grow and align investor financing accordingly
To build a sustainable business, we need to create a culture of learning and continuous improvement. It is only through education can we start to change mindsets and break limiting paradigms. I believe the way we can bring about passion for creativity, innovation and a drive to excel within our people is by raising awareness of their true potential.
Talita Setyadi
Founder & Director, PT Tekindo Boga Lestari (BEAU)

A worldwide presence

Select a country or region to learn more about a local Entrepreneurial Winning Women program. Check back to find out when applications open for 2020 in each region. 

I am passionate and driven to help in enabling farmers and communities with applied science and technology, as well as assisting local entrepreneurs to create and, eventually, improve their quality of life.
Erdini Enggar
Founder & Director, PT Toko Mesin Maksindo

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