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From incident management to forensic investigation, from litigation, to regulatory response, EY Cyber Response professionals assist organizations in preparing their strategy and fighting complex cyber-attacks.

What EY can do for you

EY teams are experts in helping to deal with cyber investigations and in working with law enforcement and other authorities. As cyber breaches often extend beyond international borders, procedures are tailored to the specific legal and regulatory requirements of each country involved in the investigation, using EY Privacy & Cyber Response's global network, including working with external legal advisors.

Our multidisciplinary working groups can help organizations develop data governance models supported by appropriate policies and technologies, so that data protection and privacy compliance are achievable and sustainable over the long term. EY's teams also help develop the GDPR and other data protection and privacy compliance plans to enable them to respond to a cyber breach effectively within the required timeline.

  • Cyber response planning: we help organizations develop plans and conduct mock tests taking into account different types and complexities of cybercrime. Defining roles and responsibilities, identifying the necessary tools, communication methods and operational plans.
  • Investigation and incident response: Our "cyber response team" collaborates to identify the root cause of the incident and carries out enforcement and mitigation activities. It takes advantage of the most modern XDR technologies and is able to install and configure them in a very short time
  • Digital forensics: Our team is able to map the data of interest and make collections. In the event of an attack, we can quickly deploy resources to gather investigative evidence, such as network traffic capture, system logs, and the host system's forensic image. We analyze the evidence gathered to identify threats, hostile activities and the sources of the attack. The analyzes are carried out with tools and procedures that allow their legal use and in relations with insurance companies.

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