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Are you part of a value chain, or the center of an ecosystem? 

Ecosystems bring together the right mix of capabilities, technology, data and relationships to help accelerate speed to market, reduce costs and spark innovation.

Organizations are increasingly using ecosystems to innovate at scale, transform their operations, challenge sector boundaries and better serve their stakeholders.

How ecosystems can help transform your business 

Shifts in technology, growing expectations from consumers and society, the effects of climate change, and increased globalization and geopolitical tensions all require more than just an immediate response from businesses. The need for constant adaptation and transformation is now an absolute imperative.

It will take a collaborative approach to tackle these challenges. No business can do it alone.

Recent technological advances are removing barriers and enabling businesses to connect and collaborate in ways that were previously either impossible or insurmountable. This is leading to the rise of complex multi-lateral collaborative “ecosystem” business models that are helping businesses solve their most challenging problems quickly, dynamically and efficiently. 

To remain competitive and avoid being disrupted, business must adapt to this paradigm shift. By orchestrating the right data, skills, technology, capabilities and insights, business can remain competitive, spark innovation, reduce costs, and create new forms of value for themselves, the market and their customers.

Leverage the power of ecosystems with EY​​

EY and EY-Parthenon can help you develop an ecosystem strategy that assesses the strength of existing partnerships, identifies new market opportunities and determines your role within targeted ecosystems. 

Competition has long been the default mode for companies across industries. But 2023 is the time to recognize that collaborative business models, like ecosystems, may outperform purely competitive ones.
Carmine Di Sibio
EY Global Chairman and CEO

Can collaboration drive business performance? 

The EY Ecosystem Study shows that companies that are embracing ecosystems are generating significant value as a result. The study revealed that 69% of business leaders from companies that are part of an ecosystem believe ecosystems are very important to their company’s current success, and 91% agree that ecosystems have increased the resilience of their business.

The study also showed that on average, high-performing ecosystems drive 1.5 times the cost reduction, contribute 1.5 times more to annual revenue, and achieve 2.1 times the incremental revenue growth of low performing ecosystems.

  • Image description

    The graphic shows three advantages of ecosystem business models over traditional business models.

    1. R&D - where 68% showed increased access and sharing of R&D assets.
    2. M&A - where 67% showed higher growth opportunities.
    3. Growth - where 65% showed increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.

The EY Partner Ecosystem

EY has harnessed the power of collaboration to create an ecosystem of businesses, including our global strategic alliances, that help us drive growth, transformation and innovation for our clients.  

Adapt quickly, accelerate faster 

Companies that build ecosystems outperform their peers. Watch as EY’s Sam Johnson discusses how companies can unlock the transformative power of ecosystems.


Collaboration and ecosystems are the future of business

EY Global Chairman and CEO Carmine Di Sibio discusses how going it alone is no longer enough and how businesses can be competitive by being collaborative.

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