Ann Potter
In physics, superfluids have zero viscosity and flow without friction. We have entered the age of superfluid markets. Companies must transform to compete in an era of more frictionless commerce.

Ann Potter

EY Global Markets – EYQ Director

EYQ analyst focused on what’s after what’s next. Passionate about new technology, economics, geopolitics, art and literature.

Areas of focus Strategy by EY-Parthenon
Office Boston, US

Ann is an Insights Director with EYQ, our collaborative global think tank. EYQ focuses on exploring “what's after what’s next” from the perspective of businesses, governments, societies and individuals.

She leads the EYQ Superfluid Markets program, which explores the drivers and implications of more frictionless commerce, including empowered customers, the rise of new markets, and companies’ changing roles and structures.

In addition, she is one of the EY Megatrends writers, with emphasis on technology, customers, urbanization, manufacturing and disruptive business forces.

With a background in corporate strategy, research and analysis, business writing and trend watching, Ann is passionate about imagining plausible and optimistic future scenarios.

She earned an MIS from the University of Maryland.

How Ann is building a better working world

Ann has led the Boston College Map program, helping multiple cohorts of students in underserved Boston high schools achieve their college ambitions.

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