Aparna Sankaran
“In this Transformative Age, we can expect a fundamental shift in everything we know — from the speed at which these changes are taking place to our increasing reliance on connectivity.”

Aparna Sankaran

Advisory Media Relations and Social Media Supervising Associate

Media relations and social media adviser focusing on cybersecurity, emerging technology, global alliances and risk. New mum with a focus on healthy eating. Keenly interested in growing microgreens.

leadership to implement PR and social media initiatives around key areas such as cybersecurity, internet of things, risk, blockchain, intelligent automation and artificial intelligence.

She has diverse experience in external communication, having also worked and believes in collaboration and co-creation between the teams to create better working businesses.

where she was responsible for the launch of the EY CFO Connect & Board Members program. She holds a Master’s degree in Media and Communication from EFL University, India.

How Aparna is building a better working world

As a mom to a young child, Aparna regularly has conversations with new working mums in her local community on how to balance work and personal life.


“For me it’s all about helping other working mothers. If I can help even one person make a difference to their life then that means a lot to me.”

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