Global Renewables

The global renewables industry is growing fast, with huge potential for those who aim high, commit first and move fast. EY Global Renewables cuts through the complexity of this changing market to help accelerate your transition to the world of renewable energy.

What EY can do for you

A global renewables industry is emerging quickly, shaped by new technologies, new business models and new ecosystems. Opportunities are growing, but so is complexity, which creates uncertainty, risk and delay. For organizations intent on playing a leading role in renewables, the ability to move quickly and decisively will become more valuable but also more difficult.

EY Global Renewables combines our experience, capabilities and technology to help you find better answers, take decisive action and move forward faster. Our teams work with yours to:

  • Define the right long-term strategy to lead your organization’s transition to renewables
  • Develop effective market entry strategies that mitigate risks 
  • Help deliver and operate generation assets powered by existing and emerging renewable energy sources, including storage 
  • Improve financing and tax structures 
  • Scale up and commercialize innovative energy technologies to accelerate decarbonization 
  • Achieve carbon neutral or carbon negative targets by innovating ways of sourcing renewables, such as power purchase agreements
  • Meet higher stakeholder expectations around clean energy

EY Power Price Forecasts

EY teams can help minimize risk when defining your renewables business strategy with our new Power Price Forecasts (PPF) service.

High inflation, uncertain supply chains and fluctuating power prices are pushing up the cost of renewables projects. This has wide-ranging impacts on:

  • Energy companies affected by volatile market prices
  • Organizations operating within energy-intensive sectors
  • Entities with significant exposure to the energy sector, such as:
    •   Large industrial and chemical players
    •   Banks, funds and asset managers
    •   Telecommunications companies
    •   Data centers

The PPF service projects future energy prices and can also model the impact of different pricing scenarios. Based on a wide-ranging set of assumptions and data about past, present and future electricity demand and supply and their drivers, the PPF service includes two offerings:

  • Standardized power price modeled curves that project how electricity prices will develop in specific countries over time.
  • Bespoke price projections integrating clients’ assumptions on a number of pre-defined inputs to produce specific pricing forecasts and scenarios that inform better capital and strategy decisions.

The PPF service can be integrated with other EY services, covering all your needs in the context of a transaction or a valuation. This connected approach also unlocks insights and data that help identify opportunities to add more value across the business.

With EY Global Renewables, you’ll be ready to lead your organization through the transition to renewables – and play your role in building the decarbonized, sustainable economy that creates measurable long-term value for everyone.