Chantra Pongsri

Managing Director, Foodstar


Winning women Asia-Pacific Chantra Pongsri

Founded in 1993, Foodstar is a manufacturer and distributor of qualitative fruit juice in Thailand under the brand “Deedo.” Their range of products includes (concentrated) fruit juice, jelly, and ice lollies. Chantra Pongsri is the managing director of Foodstar and is continually developing new products to match customer needs - both domestically and internationally. The company emphasizes customer service and supplier relationships in order to generate quality products for their customers.  

Foodstar has a market share of 40% in the super economy fruit juice segment in Thailand. With the rapid growth in sales and competition they also have to invest more in production with cutting edge machines to improve efficiency. Chantra was able to grow the sales revenue of Deedo from US$56 million in 2012 to US$90 million in 2015 and is expecting to achieve sales of US$138 million in the next 3 years. 

She is a graduate of The Senate of Pebble Hills University (USA) with a Master in Business Administration and holds a degree in Business Administration in Marketing from the Kensington College of Business in London. 

Chantra has received many prestigious awards and recognitions such as the Quality Person of the Year 2015 from the Foundation of The Scientific and Technological Council of Thailand (FSTT) and the EMS for SMEs Award (2014). 

“Foodstar has set a vision to become ‘One of the leading fruit juice manufacturers in ASEAN’. Over the past 20 years, Foodstar has been producing and selling high quality products at a reasonable price in Thailand and overseas.“ Chantra Pongsri, Managing Director of Foodstar.